Tutkimusseminaari 2013

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KEYNOTE SPEECH: Extraction, isolation methods and processing technologies on berries pdf
Prof. Zhang Bolin, Beijing Forestry University, China

(Wild) Mushrooms as sources of medicinals and food supplements pdf
Prof. Leo van Griensven, Wageningen University & Research centre, Netherlands

Rapid detection of walnut oil by FTIR and bioactivities of walnut protein hydrolysates pdf
Dr. Ouyang Jie, Beijing Forestry University, China

Composition and properties of birch sap and syrup pdf
Prof. Heikki Kallio, University of Turku

Antimicrobial activity of Finnish honeys against human pathogenic bacteria pdf
Adjunct Prof. Carina Tikkanen-Kaukanen, University of Helsinki

Forest management and commercial mushroom yields in spruce stands in Eastern Finland pdf
Dr. Mikko Kurttila, The Finnish Forest Research Institute

Complexity of flavour properties in selected Nordic berries pdf
Dr. Mari Sandell, University of Turku

The meanings of chocolate: A qualitative understanding of its consumption experiences? pdf
Prof. Harri Luomala, University of Vaasa

Metabolite profiling of cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.) pdf
Dr. Inger Martinussen, The Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, Norway

The selection and domestication of wild berries - current status of arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus) pdf
Researcher Harri Kokko, University of Eastern Finland

Collaboration between science and artesan knowledge - new perspectives for product development pdf
Prof. Anu Hopia, University of Turku

Bee products for health: Functional properties pdf
Dr. Stefan Bogdanov, Switzerland




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